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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the show?

A:  The show is in the Glide Community Center, Glide Oregon.  The street address is 20062 North Umpqua Highway (hwy 138), approximately 17 miles east of Roseburg.
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What are the hours for the show?

A:  The show is from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday

Are the various exhibits and presentations at the same location as the flower exhibit?

A:  With the exception of the Wildflower Walk, everything happens at the Glide Community Center. 
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How long should I allow to see the show?
A:  That's a hard question to answer.   You should allow at least an hour to make it through the displays, however if you want to photograph specimens, eat a snack, ask a botanist a few questions, or attend a lecture, then you will have to allow additional time.  There are no time constraints on those attending the show.  Take your time, stroll through and study the plants that interest you. 


Q:  Do you accept checks or credit cards?
A:  Yes, checks are accepted at the door, in the Book Store, and in the kitchen.

Credit cards are accepted in the Book Store.


Q:  How much does the show cost?
A:  We do not have a fixed admission amount.  Instead we suggest a $3 donation per person.

How many different plants will be at the show?
The number of plants varies from year to year.  Weather plays the major role here.  Volunteers go to  regular locations each year in search of specific specimens.  Some years they are found in abundance; some years they have not yet emerged; some years they are not yet in bloom; some years the blooms are long since gone.  Mother Nature tempts and tantalizes us with her unpredictability.

Here are the number of species at recent shows:
    2017   656
    2016   678
    2015   729
    2014   655
    2013   718
    2012   658   
    2009   642
    2008   614
    2007   680   
    2006   645
    2005   635

Is there a place for me to park my RV?

A:  Yes.  There is a large parking lot across the street from the show.

Are there campgrounds near by?

A:  Yes.  There are several in the area.
Whistler's Bend Campground.  It is between Glide and Roseburg.

Elk Haven, an RV park between Glide and Idleyld Park.  Website includes photos.

Susan Creek Campground 10 miles east of Glide.  It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  The website includes photos 
It is in a forest and is along the North Umpqua River.  It has wonderful showers and bath facilities, as well as great views of the river.  The roar of the river will put you to sleep at night.
You can find other campsites in the Umpqua National Forest, North Umpqua Ranger District, here:

Are there any good wildflower hikes in the area?
A:  Yes there are, lots.  When you come to Glide, stop at the Colliding Rivers Visitor Center or the National Forest Service Ranger Station.  Both have a variety of brochures describing numerous hiking trails.  You are not limited to springtime.  This wonderful area is blessed with wildflowers spring and summer.  As the season progresses one should select higher elevation trails to enjoy more wildflowers.  Be sure to bring your camera! 

Are there any places to eat in the area?
A:  Yes there are, several. 
There are a number of establishments very close to the show:
Colliding Rivers Drive-in  (west of show about 1/2 mile)  Burgers & sandwiches
Little Pizza Paradise  (across the street)  Pizzas and subs
Munchies (east of show a 100 yards)  Burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads, & Mexican
The Narrows Tavern (east of show about 2 miles)  They claim to have the best burgers on the river in addition to daily specials.  Friday night is steak night and Saturday night is prime rib. 

If you want something a little more upscale:
The Idleyld Lodge is about 5 miles up river (east) from Glide.  The restaurant offers many different options.  Alcoholic beverages are served.   Check out their website for hours of operation and a downloadable menu.

Steamboat Inn, is a world famous lodge about 15 miles up river.  During the weekend of the show there will be two winemaker dinners, one Friday night and one Saturday night.  This is very upscale dining and reservations are required.  Check out their website for complete details and information.

I need help identifying a wildflower.  If I describe it to you can you help me identify it?
A:  We would love to help you with your plant identification, but it is very difficult to accurately identify a plant from a  description.  We suggest you either bring a photo of the plant to the show, or email it to the show contact.  

Are the beautiful posters advertising the show for sale?
Yes, the current year is for sale.  Supplies are limited and when they're gone, they're gone.  Posters left over from previous years may be available, but you need to check at the GWS Book Store upon arrival to see what is on hand.

Do photographers need to have a reservation for the photographers' hour?
A:  No, they do not.  If photographers want to avoid crowds, all they need to do is come during the 8 am to 9 am photographers' hour.  But photographs can be taken at any time throughout the show.

How should I dress?
A:  Dress, of course, is casual, but you might want to bring along a jacket.   Every attempt is made to keep the building cool to help preserve the flowers.  Some visitors find the show a bit on the chilly side.

Is there any place to stay close by?
A:  Yes.  There is the Illahee Inn, directly across the street from the show.   Click here for more information.

3.5 miles up river is the Idleyld Lodge.  Click here for more information.

8 miles up river is the Dogwood Motel.  Click here for more information.


Q:   Can you explain the plant labels used at the show?

A:    Yes, Click here for a detailed explanation of all the information on the label.

Are there other events going on that weekend in Glide?
A:  Yes.  Click here to see other activities taking place that weekend.

Q:   Can I volunteer to help the Glide Wildflower Show ?

A:    Yes, absolutely. 

Want to help collect wildflowers for the show with one of our collecting teams?  No botanical knowledge is necessary.  Perhaps you would rather not be out in the weather, there are a large number of other ways you can help.  We need people to distribute posters and lawn signs.  Can you push a broom or a mop?  There are hundreds of flower vases to unpack before the show, then wash, dry and wrap for storage after the show.  The list of ways you can help is very long.  We're bound to have a job you would enjoy.  If you have any interest in volunteering send us your contact information and someone will get in touch with you.  Click here to send us an email with your contact information.

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